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Legal Document Review

December 15, 2022
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After a legal document is created, a lawyer should closely review it for changes or potential loopholes. Then, depending on the type of document, the lawyer takes necessary precautions. For example, if it is a rental agreement, the lawyer compares the drafted document or agreement past documents.

What is the Purpose of Legal Document Review?

There are mainly two purposes for doing a legal document review. That is -

  • Checking all necessary clauses before submitting the application to help save you from repercussions in the future.
  • It is a legal obligation that a lawyer has to do for their clients. It falls under their duty to review the document and safeguard their client's rights.

Benefits of Legal Document Review

A legal document review is one of a lawyer's most vital services for their clients. Here are the benefits:

Cross-checking the Details

As an applicant, it is pretty common to be worried about legal proceedings. For your satisfaction, it is essential to hire a professional with immense experience in legal document review. This helps to ensure that all the documentation and paperwork done by you is perfect.

Overlooking Clauses

During the drafting of the contract, agreement, or any legal document, it is quite possible to overlook clauses. This makes a legal document review all the more critical. A lawyer closely analyses and checks the existing record for any overlooking clauses.

Making Necessary Amendments

In case there are any errors or crossing details, a lawyer points them out for you. If there is another party involved, they further discuss the same and make the necessary changes to the document.

Ensuring That All Details Match the Current Government Policies

Lawyers also verify to check if it aligns with the latest government norms. If your agreement goes against government policies, you might face serious repercussions.

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How is the Legal Document Review Done?

Simply going over the document doesn't suffice for the review system. Mostly each lawyer has their own set method of reviewing legal documents. However, we can also break It down into specific simple steps, which are-


Firstly, they collect the document along with all the papers and proof supporting it. This step is not only necessary and helpful for the reviewing process but also helps to ensure that all the necessary papers related to the document are present and in one place. This helps manage it better and provides a smooth process during the application in court.


Once all the documents, related papers, and proofs are collected in one place, the lawyer closely examines them for any missing details. After examination, if any paper or proof seems absent, they return to collect it. This is a repetitive process till all the documentation is completed.


This step refers to identifying loopholes and missing clauses. Most lawyers have a habit of taking notes during client meetings. This helps them to record things in the most accurate way possible. During this step, lawyers return to the current information regarding the deal. They also keep in mind any negotiations that took place and check the document accordingly.


If there are any errors present, first, the lawyer ensures to distinguish between what's correct and what needs to be changed. This means that they first preserve all the correct information and mark it. Preservation helps them to ensure that during the review process, only the wrong or incorrect data is changed, and the correct details remain unaffected.


After the data to be altered has been identified; the document is then proceeded to implement the necessary changes to correct the document as per need. Here the lawyer takes the necessary steps. For example, in an agreement, the lawyer reaches out to the other party to inform them of the identified error. Once both parties agree and acknowledge the change, it is implemented within the contract.


Once the errors have been identified and changed. All the steps are again repeated. This helps check the document thoroughly and helps to ensure that no details are overlooked. Further, the document is again reviewed to match the changed content to the approved content to ensure no contradictions within the document.


Once the lawyer is satisfied with the changes and rectifications made, they generally arrange all the documents in sequence and closely check them again. They mainly analyze if their notes and client requirements align with the document. They also check if all the necessary proofs for documentation are present.

Why Hire an Expert for Legal Document Review?

A lawyer is well-trained, educated in the field, and has immense experience in dealing with documents on a daily basis. Unlike you, they know exactly the place to look to check and analyze the document better. An expert lawyer is well-versed in the current government policies and norms that oversee your document. A legal document review is an area of their expertise. If you don't get your document checked, you might get sued, fined or even in a fraud yourself. Rather than blindly relying on the document presented to you by any individual, it is an ideal choice to get it checked and verified by your lawyer.

Key Terms

  • Legal document review- A legal document review refers to closely analyzing everything mentioned within the agreement. Further, if there are any changes necessary, they communicate with the client or the other party to incorporate them within the contract.
  • Clauses- The terms and conditions mentioned within the contract, along with the penalties for not meeting them.


During the legal process, documents are of utmost importance. When any individual signs a document, they understand all the terms and conditions mentioned in it. They must also abide by what is stated within the document. If an individual signs a document and later on finds it faulty, it is very difficult to go back and undo it. This generally happens in the case of agreements. In case the fellow party is a fraud, you would have to face serious consequences. Getting a legal document review by experts can help save you from a lot of misery. If you are looking for professionals to help take care of your legal document review or other legal needs, check out ContractsCounsel.

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I have been a business and real estate attorney for 38 years. I handle both transactional and litigation matters.

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I am a New York attorney with 10 years as a licensed attorney and over 7 years of experience working with technology companies in the startup global ecosystem. I have direct experience advising global startups on the legal, regulatory, technology and policy issues that affect their business and competitive strategy. I am a multifaceted, globally-minded Attorney and Business Strategist who is changing the perspective of the law in business from a reactive need to a proactive tool. My legal & business strategic skill-set provides robust, forward-thinking, and solution-oriented legal services in the following areas: Drafting, Reviewing, and Negotiating (Redlining) various commercial contracts and licensing agreements; Drafting and Reviewing Employment Contracts; Contract Management using Contract Management Software; Influencer Marketing Intellectual Property Law (excluding Patent law); and Data Privacy such as GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, LGPD, and HIPAA; and Cybersecurity Law, including creating privacy by design frameworks. NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENTS: Recently achieved certifications in Ironclad Contract Management Software/Lifecycle Management, specifically: Contract Owner; Core Administration; Procurement Workflow; Sales Workflow; and Clickwrap Core Administration; Contributed to the creation of new jurisprudence in international administrative and international employment law; Drove high level contract negotiations in an international capacity where I achieved positive results for my client; and Achieved competency in Business Strategy, Business Growth Strategy, Strategic Planning and Execution, and Advanced Competitive Strategy, resulting in the publication of my legal based business strategic frameworks by leading marketplace for best business practices.

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Morgan is a real estate attorney with six years of experience in residential, land, and commercial real estate transactions. He has experience assisting municipalities, businesses, buyers and sellers in real estate related matters. He has worked on various projects including purchase agreements, contract for deed, easements, mortgages, access agreements, contract/lease review and also title review. Prior to entering private practice, Morgan was a Realtor and assisted buyers and sellers in residential sales and closing services. Morgan provides proactive, responsive and dependable work to each client and project.

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Bukhari N.

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Bukhari Nuriddin is the Owner of The Nuriddin Law Company, P.C., in Atlanta, Georgia and an “Of Counsel” attorney with The Baig Firm specializing in Transactional Law and Wills, Trusts and Estates. He is an attorney at law and general counsel with extensive experience providing creative, elegant and practical solutions to the legal and policy challenges faced by entrepreneurs, family offices, and municipalities. During his legal careers he has worked with entrepreneurs from a wide array of industries to help them establish and grow their businesses and effectuate their transactional goals. He has helped establish family offices with millions of dollars in assets under management structure their estate plans and philanthropic endeavors. He recently completed a large disparity study for the City of Birmingham, Alabama that was designed to determine whether minority and women-owned businesses have an equal opportunity to participate in city contracting opportunities. He is a trusted advisor with significant knowledge and technical experience for structuring and finalizing a wide variety of complex commercial transactions, estate planning matters and public policy initiatives. Raised in Providence, Rhode Island, Bukhari graduated from Classical High School and attended Morehouse College and Howard University School of Law. Bukhari has two children with his wife, Tiffany, and they live in the Vinings area of Smyrna.

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