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LLC Startup costs can vary in every state with costs that ranges anywhere between $50 to $200. Estimating an LLC startup cost is one of the most significant steps to forming a business in the United States. A business owner can create a budget after estimating the startup expenses to ensure the LLC does not run out of capital during its formation. Multiple factors may affect LLC startup costs in the United States.

The following blog will highlight the LLC startup costs and other associated details.

What Is an LLC Startup?

An LLC startup is a business structure for businesses in the United States. It provides owners with limited liability protection and tax flexibility that makes it easier for them to run the business.

The LLC startup is significant because it helps create a legal entity for a particular business that is separate from the owner. It means that the specific owner is not personally liable for the debts and lawsuits related to the business.

What Is the Process of Forming an LLC Startup?

Business owners can form an LLC in the United States by following a few simple steps.

  • Choose a Unique Name for the LLC

    If an individual chooses a poor name for the startup, it may lead to multiple setbacks, including legal problems. That is why the owners must follow a few simple guidelines before naming the LLC startup.

    1. Choose a timeless name that can be pronounced and recognized easily.
    2. The name must end with the phrase LLC or “Limited Liability Company.”
    3. The name should not be related to any corporation, bank, corp, insurance, etc.
    4. Search the names for possible names related to the LLP startup.

    The business owner can also seek a lawyer’s help in selecting the LLP name.

  • File the Required Documents

    The second step is to file the required documents for the LLC startup, beginning with articles of organization. These documents are open to the public and submitted to the Secretary of State with the filing fees.

    The requirements for articles of organization vary from one US state to another. However, the most common requirements for the LLC documents are listed below.

    1. The LLC name
    2. The name and address of the particular LLC registered agent
    3. Startup objectives
    4. Business member names
    5. The intended lifespan of the startup

    A few other states in the US also require an operating agreement for an LLC startup that describes its ownership and management style.

  • Announce the New Startup

    In a few US states, the owners are required to announce the forming of the LLC by publication of a notice of formation. The business owners can also choose other means to announce the LLC startup to invite more leads or prospects.

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LLC Startup Costs in The United States

The LLC startup protects its owners from all kinds of personal liabilities and allows them direct management control over the organization. The LLC has a simple and flexible business structure, provides liability protection, and organizational control, and lowers taxes for the owners.

  • State Filing Fees

    The LLC startup cost in the United States varies according to geographical regions. The initial cost of the startup includes state filing fees that range between $40 to $500. The price depends on the state in which the owner chooses to register, including the permits, licenses, and certifications for the business.

  • Federal Tax

    Federal tax enables LLCs to deduct the initial startup costs before conducting the business. A business is considered active in the US when its services become available publicly. The IRS allows businesses to deduct startup costs up to a certain limit, but the limit can vary depending on the specific circumstances of the business.

Additional LLC Startup Costs Owners Must Cover

Apart from the nominal startup costs, the business owners must bear a few additional expenses for starting new organizations in the US.

  • Cost of Reserving the LLC Name

    A business owner must choose a name to identify the LLC that should not be similar to the name of another existing LLC in the same state. That is why the owners must reserve the respective names of their LLCs which can cost between $10 to $50.

  • Fictitious Business Application Fee

    A few business owners may opt for a fictitious business name to operate the LLC. It is often called the assumed business name or ‘doing business as’ (DBA). Although it is an optional step, business owners who prefer to use the service must pay around $10 to $200 or more to set up the fictitious name.

  • Business License Fees

    A business license is a must for all LLC startup owners, irrespective of their location. The cost of obtaining the business license is around $50 to $100.

Key Terms Related to LLC Startup Costs

The LLC startup laws in the US are complicated and not every business owner can understand them. That is why it is advised to know a few key terms as mentioned below.

  • Actual Cash Value (ACV): It helps determine the value of a particular business property that is either getting repaired or replaced. This is determined by subtracting the depreciation from an item’s replacement cost value.
  • Additional Insured: It is insurance coverage extended to a third party. It can be a group, person, or location that is added to a business insurance policy.
  • Aggregate Limit: It is the maximum amount that an insurer will have to pay during the policy period. Typically, it is one year.
  • Cancellation of Authority: It is a legal procedure by which a foreign LLC gets the consent of a particular state to terminate its authority over business transactions.
  • Constituent: It is a particular party that is a part of a particular transaction. Typically, they have a stake in the business’ outcome. They include customers, suppliers, external stakeholders, and internal stakeholders.
  • Distribution: It refers to the transfer of money or property by an LLC company to one of its members. This can be a payment to shareholders or the flow of goods and services.
  • Voting Rights: These are the rights of the shareholders to vote for their specific interests according to the provisions of an operating agreement.
  • Sole Proprietorship: It is a business owned and operated by a single owner. There is no legal distinction between the business entity and the owner.


LLC startup costs may vary from one US state to another and not everyone may be well-versed in the expenses. That is why it is advised to approach a professional lawyer who can help determine the business costs for setting up the LLC.

If you are looking for a professional lawyer to help you determine the LLC startup costs, visit ContractsCounsel now. You can post your project with the requirements on the official website and get the best legal assistance in no time.

ContractsCounsel is not a law firm, and this post should not be considered and does not contain legal advice. To ensure the information and advice in this post are correct, sufficient, and appropriate for your situation, please consult a licensed attorney. Also, using or accessing ContractsCounsel's site does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and ContractsCounsel.

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