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Meet some of our Las Vegas Litigation Lawyers

Jeremiah C. on ContractsCounsel
View Jeremiah
5.0 (42)
Member Since:
March 5, 2021

Jeremiah C.

Partner/Attorney at Law
Free Consultation
16 Yrs Experience
Licensed in NV, TX
Thomas Jefferson

Creative, results driven business & technology executive with 24 years of experience (15+ as a business/corporate lawyer). A problem solver with a passion for business, technology, and law. I bring a thorough understanding of the intersection of the law and business needs to any endeavor, having founded multiple startups myself with successful exits. I provide professional business and legal consulting. Throughout my career I've represented a number large corporations (including some of the top Fortune 500 companies) but the vast majority of my clients these days are startups and small businesses. Having represented hundreds of successful crowdfunded startups, I'm one of the most well known attorneys for startups seeking CF funds. I hold a Juris Doctor degree with a focus on Business/Corporate Law, a Master of Business Administration degree in Entrepreneurship, A Master of Education degree and dual Bachelor of Science degrees. I look forward to working with any parties that have a need for my skill sets.

James M. on ContractsCounsel
View James
5.0 (1)
Member Since:
January 4, 2023

James M.

Free Consultation
Boise, Idaho
6 Yrs Experience
Licensed in CA, ID, NV, OR, WA
Stanford Law School

Reproductive law attorney focused on reviewing surrogacy contracts and sperm/egg/embryo donation contracts.

Christina M. on ContractsCounsel
View Christina
5.0 (9)
Member Since:
June 22, 2023

Christina M.

Legal Consultant
Free Consultation
Las Vegas, NV
17 Yrs Experience
Licensed in NV
UNLV Boyd School of Law

I am a regulatory transactional attorney with 16 years of in-house experience, largely in the gaming/gambling industry. I have negotiated various types and sizes of contracts from janitorial services for a small commercial building to multi-million dollar technology transactions. I also have a strong regulatory background that strengthens my ability to navigate contracts that are subject to stringent regulations.

Jared F. on ContractsCounsel
View Jared
4.8 (4)
Member Since:
March 4, 2024

Jared F.

Managing Attorney
Free Consultation
Salt Lake City, UT
20 Yrs Experience
Licensed in NV, UT
Harvard Law School

Jared Fields is an experienced business lawyer and litigator with experience in diverse industries and practice areas. Prior to launching his own practice, he served as the chief legal officer for a group of privately-owned companies, including a real estate development group, construction companies, multiple franchisees, and a professional soccer team. As a result, he is experienced in real estate transactions, commercial agreements of varying degrees of sophistication, employment matters, and litigation, as well as general business legal advice. He was also an in-house attorney for a renewable energy company, where he was responsible for litigation, investigations, enforcement actions, and related securities filing disclosures. Mr. Fields also spent many years as a litigator in private practice, representing clients in matters ranging from securities litigation, to breach of contract, to cases involving real estate and financial services. Mr. Fields has particular experience in legal matters that may involve complex financial, accounting, valuation, and other quantitative issues.

Marc S. on ContractsCounsel
View Marc
Member Since:
July 29, 2022

Marc S.

Free Consultation
Henderson, Nevada
43 Yrs Experience
Licensed in NV
Southwestern University

Have been practicing real property and business law in Nevada for over 40 years. No longer handling any litigation, transactional matters only.

Jocelyne U. on ContractsCounsel
View Jocelyne
Member Since:
May 30, 2023

Jocelyne U.

Free Consultation
Las Vegas, Nevada
22 Yrs Experience
Licensed in MI, NV
University of Detroit Mercy

Jocelyne Uy graduated from law school in 2002 where she began her career in insurance defense where she practiced a wide range of issues relating to insurance policies and claims. Identifying a need for representation for those working cross border, Jocelyne understood the unique interplay of the laws of Canada and the U.S. and started her first firm in Michigan focusing on Canadian American immigration and tax law. Jocelyne and her partner realize that Nevada residents continuously face challenges in finding affordable and accessible representation to assist with their debt issues. Because of these challenges and continuous shifting economy, they are committed to assisting anyone who finds themselves struggling to handle the debt and credit cycle that often feels hopeless and endless. Jocelyne's firm has assisted clients in post-COVID financial crisis ranging from credit card debt, student loan debt, and COVID unemployment repayment hearings.

Keren G. on ContractsCounsel
View Keren
Member Since:
July 13, 2023

Keren G.

Free Consultation
New Orleans
16 Yrs Experience
Licensed in CA, LA, NV
University of California, Davis School of Law

Keren E. Gesund has extensive litigation expense. She has successfully defended and prosecuted claims against debt collectors, banks, credit reporting agencies, subcontractors, manufacturers and consumers who have suffered harassment or injury. She handles contentious business and commercial cases for both plaintiffs and defendants in state and federal court.

Jessica G. on ContractsCounsel
View Jessica
Member Since:
October 10, 2023

Jessica G.

Free Consultation
Las Vegas, Nevada
8 Yrs Experience
Licensed in NV
William S. Boyd School of Law

Nevada Attorney with experiences in outside general counsel representation, contract drafting, and civil litigation.

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Meet some of our other Litigation Lawyers

Jonathan M. on ContractsCounsel
View Jonathan
5.0 (1)
Member Since:
January 19, 2023

Jonathan M.

Free Consultation
Charlotte, NC
14 Yrs Experience
Licensed in NC, SC, VA
Charlotte School of Law

Owner and operator of Meek Law Firm, PC. Meek Law Firm provides comprehensive business law representation, precise and informed representation for real estate transactions in the commercial and residential markets of North and South Carolina and efficient succession and estate planning for business owners and individuals.

David A. on ContractsCounsel
View David
5.0 (1)
Member Since:
January 23, 2023

David A.

Family Lawyer
Free Consultation
42 Yrs Experience
Licensed in FL
University of Florida

Graduated UF Law 1977. 40 years experience in Family Law/Divorce and Prenuptial Agreements. Rated "AV Preeminent" By Martindale Hubble, the oldest lawyer rating firm in the USA. Top 5% of attorneys in Florida as reviewed by Judges and other Lawyers (not client reviews). Personal prompt service and easy to contact--available 24/7. Good negotiator and very personable. My clients are my priority.

Charles K. on ContractsCounsel
View Charles
Member Since:
January 23, 2023

Charles K.

Free Consultation
New York, NY USA
41 Yrs Experience
Licensed in NY
University of Illinois Chicago School of Law (John Marshall)

~ Charles Kramer - Technology, Contracts and Intellectual Property Attorney ~ I am a New York corporate and technology attorney. My experience includes: - representing high-tech companies (including software, military, manufacturing and computer game companies) in connection with negotiating and drafting (1) toolkit, enterprise, Saas, PaaS and other complex agreements and licenses with companies around the world; (2) joint-venture, sales, publishing and distribution agreements; and (3) general corporate agreements. - 5 years as General Counsel of a software company (and many more years representing it as outside counsel); - 3 years as an associate in the Wall Street law firm of Lord, Day & Lord (then the oldest law firm in New York City practicing under the same name); and - speaking at conferences on legal issues including at the annual Game Developers Conference and Miller Freeman's Digital Video Conference. I am comfortable working in areas where the technology -- and the related law -- are new. My recent work includes working as a contract attorney (extended on a month-by-month basis) as American counsel for a publicly traded Swiss industrial corporation with responsibility for drafting form contracts for its planned "industrial internet of things" digital services. Accordingly I am comfortable working in a corporate environment using modern collaboration tools. Charles Kramer (917) 512-2721 (voice, voicemail, text)

Litigation Legal Questions and Answers


Settlement Agreement


Asked on Dec 16, 2023

Can settlement agreement details be public?

I recently entered into a settlement agreement with another party and am concerned about the details of the agreement being made public. I am worried that the agreement may contain sensitive information that could be detrimental to my reputation or interests if it were to be shared publicly. I am looking for guidance on the legal implications of the settlement agreement being made public and what, if anything, I can do to protect myself in this situation.

J.R. S.

Answered Jan 5, 2024

Yes, details of a settlement agreement can be made public, especially when a governmental body is involved due to the Public Information or Open Records Act. This act states that the public has a right to access information on government affairs and official acts of public officials and employees unless expressly excepted. However, there are exceptions to this general rule. For instance, disclosure of personnel information that would "constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy" is excepted. This is not to say that all settlement agreements are public. In some cases, parties to a settlement agreement may choose to include confidentiality clauses, which prevent the details of the settlement from being disclosed to the public or any third party. The legal rule for agreements between attorneys or parties touching any suit pending is that they will not be enforced unless they are in writing, signed and filed with the papers as part of the record, or unless they are made in open court and entered of record.

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Settlement Agreement


Asked on Dec 15, 2023

How does a settlement agreement affect future claims?

I recently entered into a settlement agreement with my former employer. The agreement requires me to release any and all claims I may have against them. I am concerned about how this agreement might affect my right to pursue any future claims I might have against them. I am seeking advice to understand how this agreement impacts my ability to pursue future claims.

Alan B.

Answered Dec 26, 2023

Your settlement could be limited to claims in the past. It’s effect on future claims will depend on: 1) the limiting language in the settlement agreement, and 2) the nature of the future claim (i.e., whether any part of the claim covered by settlement agreement language).

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Equipment Purchase Agreement


Asked on Apr 13, 2022

I need help and justice because the manufacturing company and the vendor company sold me a bad CT scan machine for 67000$ and the machine always stops in between patients and unpredictable and it’s still not working now - I have spent thousands of $$ on repairs and waranties - they are abusing me- I don’t want any other dentist to be abused like this - I need a lawyer with a good heart to help me who isnot money oriented

I need to ask them for refund of half the price of the machine or replace me with a machine which will not give me and my team any psychological stresses for next 5 years - if they don’t want to settle out then we need to go to court and they need to pay my lawyer fees and I won’t be responsible for any of their lawyer fees at any occasion as there will be no justice served - if They lobby and I end up losing more money- most lawyers are expensive and I don’t want to spend for their lawyer- also as I have been cheated with a broken and defective machine and they need to pay for Rejuveneation fees as this machine breakdown has caused me and my team psychological and patient issues too

Kelvin R.

Answered Apr 15, 2022

You have raise serious concerns involving rights under both your transaction documents and Texas law related to your CT scan machine purchase and performance. Texas law protects buyers of goods under well-established warranty theories as well as provisions of the Business & Commerce Code (including prohibitions against deceptive trade practices). You likely have a purchase agreement, guaranty agreement and or a warranty agreement. These are the minimum documents you should review closely to determine if the seller's actions violate terms of any (or all) of these agreements. A good lawyer can help you with your review and analysis. While I think I know what your concern may be in your request for "lawyer with a good heart" who "is not money oriented", lawyers are like any other profession, some better then others, some good and some not as good and attorney fees vary. I suggest you locate one that you believe is ethical and who will aggressively pursue your interest. If so, you will likely find value in the services provided. Our team at Roquemore Skierski PLLC is client-focused, passionate and zealous advocates for our clients. If you wish to speak with us go to

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Demand Letter


Asked on Sep 16, 2023

Can I draft my own demand letter?

I recently received a letter from a company that I have a dispute with. The letter was a demand for payment of a certain amount of money, and I am not sure if I should respond to the demand or not. I am considering writing a demand letter of my own in response, but I am not sure if I am legally allowed to do so and what the potential consequences could be.

Bobby H.

Answered Oct 20, 2023

Although engaging a lawyer is preferred, there is generally no legal prohibition against a non- lawyer making his/her own demand or respoding to a demand provided you do not threaten violence or bodily harm or use any other language which may give rise to criminal liability. However, if the amount the claim is undisputed, and depending on the type of claim, there are provisions which allow a court to award the person making the claim his/her attorneys fees in addition to the amount of underlying claim if a demand is rejected under circumstances if the case goes to court. Thus, use of an attorney is again advised but generally not legally required.

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Retainer Agreement


Asked on Jul 5, 2022

either in a flat fee or with a retainer, do attorneys charge for wait time in court/travel time to and from?

Have a protective order hearing coming up. I have the option of using a lawyer with no retainer agreement, but a deposit and an hourly rate or one with a retainer deposit and an agreement. In either case, is wait time in court charged at the hourly rate?how about travel time?

Michael T.

Answered Jul 19, 2022

Generally speaking, we charge for all time spent on a file. If I'm away from my desk for your case, then I can't work on other cases. So, yes, a five-minute hearing in court might result in a two-hour bill, because that was two hours dedicated to your case. That's why lawyers like to schedule multiple cases for the same hearing: we can pro-rate the travel and waiting time over multiple cases. Flat fees do not normally get a charge for travel or waiting time, because that time is included in the flat fee. A lot of judges start their hearings by "calling the docket" (bringing up each case one by one) and getting time estimates; then calling the cases beginning with the shortest time estimates. Some judges leave all the cases without lawyers to the end. This results in (A) the people involved in cases without lawyers see how it's done; and (B) the lawyers spend less time sitting around waiting and go back to being productive.

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