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Our Texas lawyers help businesses and individuals with their legal needs. A few of the major industries that represent Texas's economy include agriculture, oil and gas, and tourism.

Our platform has lawyers that specialize in contracts law. Contracts lawyers typically provide advice and other legal services that affect various aspects of contracting with another party, which include contract drafting, review, negotiation, disputes, and other types of legal issues that come up when running a business. ContractCounsel’s approach makes legal services affordable by removing unnecessary law firm overhead.

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Jonathan G. on ContractsCounsel
View Jonathan
5.0 (2)
Member Since:
June 21, 2021
Garrett M. on ContractsCounsel
View Garrett
5.0 (7)
Member Since:
August 30, 2021

Garrett M.

Free Consultation
Dexter, MO
8 Yrs Experience
Licensed in TX
University of Texas

Hello! I am an attorney with seven years' experience in real estate transactions, fund formation, and general corporate transactional work. I graduated in 2016 from the University of Texas - Austin and I am barred in Texas.

Jordan M. on ContractsCounsel
View Jordan
5.0 (2)
Member Since:
October 14, 2021

Jordan M.

Free Consultation
Houston, TX
5 Yrs Experience
Licensed in TX
University of Houston Law Center

I am a software developer turned lawyer with 7+ years of experience drafting, reviewing, and negotiating SaaS agreements, as well as other technology agreements. I am a partner at Freeman Lovell PLLC, where I lead commercial contracts practice group. I work with startups, growing companies, and the Fortune 500 to make sure your legal go-to-market strategy works for you.

Nicholas V. on ContractsCounsel
View Nicholas
5.0 (12)
Member Since:
February 28, 2022

Nicholas V.

Free Consultation
Denver, CO
6 Yrs Experience
Licensed in AL, CO, NY, TX
Texas A&M University School of Law

I am a solo practitioner with offices in Denver, Colorado and Austin, Texas with a focus on general business and real estate contracts.

Michael C. on ContractsCounsel
View Michael
5.0 (1)
Member Since:
March 17, 2022

Michael C.

Managing Member
Free Consultation
13 Yrs Experience
Licensed in NY, TX
Wake Forest University School of Law

A seasoned senior executive with experience leading the legal and compliance functions of healthcare entities through high-growth periods. I have experience managing voluminous litigation caseloads, while also handling all pre-litigation investigations for employment, healthcare regulatory, and compliance matters. Similarly, I have led multiple M&A teams through purchase and sale processes, including diligence and contract negotiations. Finally, I have extensive contract review experience in all matters, including debt and equity financing, healthcare payor contracting, vendor and employment agreements, as well as service and procurement agreements.

Jeremiah C. on ContractsCounsel
View Jeremiah
4.9 (36)
Member Since:
March 5, 2021

Jeremiah C.

Partner/Attorney at Law
Free Consultation
16 Yrs Experience
Licensed in NV, TX
Thomas Jefferson

Creative, results driven business & technology executive with 24 years of experience (15+ as a business/corporate lawyer). A problem solver with a passion for business, technology, and law. I bring a thorough understanding of the intersection of the law and business needs to any endeavor, having founded multiple startups myself with successful exits. I provide professional business and legal consulting. Throughout my career I've represented a number large corporations (including some of the top Fortune 500 companies) but the vast majority of my clients these days are startups and small businesses. Having represented hundreds of successful crowdfunded startups, I'm one of the most well known attorneys for startups seeking CF funds. I hold a Juris Doctor degree with a focus on Business/Corporate Law, a Master of Business Administration degree in Entrepreneurship, A Master of Education degree and dual Bachelor of Science degrees. I look forward to working with any parties that have a need for my skill sets.

Namrita N. on ContractsCounsel
View Namrita
4.9 (12)
Member Since:
August 18, 2021

Namrita N.

Attorney at Law
Free Consultation
Plano, TX
4 Yrs Experience
Licensed in MN, TX
Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Retired Dentist transitioned to Law, with a special interest in Commercial Real Estate, Startup businesses, Asset Purchase Agreements, and Employment Contracts. I love to help dentists and physicians with legal issues pertaining to licensing, credentialing, employment, and general business-legal questions.

Kelvin R. on ContractsCounsel
View Kelvin
4.8 (11)
Member Since:
February 25, 2022
Stanley K. on ContractsCounsel
View Stanley
Member Since:
July 29, 2021

Stanley K.

Corporate Attorney
Free Consultation
Waltham, MA
30 Yrs Experience
Licensed in CA, MA, TX
University of Texas School of Law

Stan provides legal services to small to medium-sized clients in the New England region, and throughout the U.S. and abroad. His clients are involved in a variety of business sectors, including software development, e-commerce, investment management and advising, health care, manufacturing, biotechnology, telecommunications, retailing, and consulting and other services. Stan focuses on the unique needs of each of his clients, and seeks to establish long term relationships with them by providing timely, highly professional services and practical business judgment. Each client's objectives, business and management styles are carefully considered to help him provide more focused and relevant services. Stan also acts as an outsourced general counsel for some of his clients for the general management of their legal function, including the establishment of budgets, creation of internal compliance procedures, and the oversight of litigation or other outside legal services.

Gerald W. on ContractsCounsel
View Gerald
Member Since:
August 28, 2021

Gerald W.

Free Consultation
Round Rock, Texas
10 Yrs Experience
Licensed in IL, TX
Valparaiso University School of Law

My clients know me as more than just an attorney. First and foremost, my background is much broader than that. Prior to attending the Valparaiso University School of Law, I earned a Master of Business Administration and ran a small business as a certified public accountant. Thanks to this experience, I possess unique insight which in turn allows me to better assist my clients with a wide range of business and tax matters today. In total, I have over 20 years of experience in financial management, tax law, and business consulting, and I’m proud to say that I’m utilizing the knowledge I’ve gained to assist the community of Round Rock in a variety of ways. In my current practice, I provide counsel to small to medium-sized businesses, nonprofit organizations, and everyday individuals. Though my primary areas of practice are estate planning, elder law, business consulting, and tax planning, I pride myself on assisting my clients in a comprehensive manner. Whenever I take on a new client, I make an effort to get to know them on a personal level. This, of course, begins with listening. It is important that I fully understand their vision so I can help them successfully translate it into a concrete plan of action that meets their goals and expectations. I appreciate the individual attributes of each client and know firsthand that thoughtful, creative, and customized planning can maximize both financial security and personal happiness. During my time as a certified public accountant, I cultivated an invaluable skill set. After all, while my legal education has given me a deep understanding of tax law, I would not be the tax attorney I am today without my background in accounting. Due to my far-reaching experience, I am competent in unraveling even the most complex tax mysteries and disputes. My CPA training benefits my estate planning practice, too. In the process of drafting comprehensive wills and trusts, I carefully account for every asset and plan for any tax burdens that may arise, often facilitating a much smoother inheritance for the heirs of my clients. Prior to becoming certified as a CPA, I made sure to establish a solid foundation in business both in and out of the classroom, and the acumen I’ve attained has served me well. Not only am I better able to run my own practice than I otherwise would be; I am able to help other small business owners fulfill their dreams, as well.

Pelin U. on ContractsCounsel
View Pelin
Member Since:
October 18, 2021

Pelin U.

Founding Attorney
Free Consultation
Leander, TX
3 Yrs Experience
Licensed in TX
Rutgers Law School - J.D. / Law

I am a solo practitioner and the founding attorney at Uzay Law, PLLC, where I provide legal services in immigration and contracts. I am licensed to practice law in Texas. Prior to practicing law, I worked as a producer and film consultant in New York for over fifteen years. I am fluent in English and Turkish.

Tom L. on ContractsCounsel
View Tom
Member Since:
February 7, 2022

Tom L.

Managing Member
Free Consultation
17 Yrs Experience
Licensed in TX
Louisiana State University Law Center

Tom is a former chief legal officer of public and private companies. He has extensive experience in mergers & acquisitions, commercial transactions, joint ventures, finance, securities laws and general corporate law across a broad range of industries, including construction, consumer products, e-commerce, energy and healthcare. As an attorney who practiced at two different Top 50 international law firms, he can deliver "Big Law" service at a competitive price. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Tom served as an officer in the U.S. Army and attained the rank of Captain. He served a tour in Iraq where he led a reconnaissance platoon and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal.

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Contracts Legal Questions and Answers

Purchase Contract


Asked on Sep 4, 2021

Auto purchase agreement on trade in payoff.

The dealer we recently purchased a new car from didn’t pay off our trade in until 7 weeks after the contact. In Texas they have 25 days to pay off a trade in. We asked the dealer to to push back our payment 2 months since they were late paying off our trade in. I called the bank we financed with (Kia Financial) and they said to go to the dealer and have them push back the contract payments 2 months The dealer is saying there’s nothing they can do. I feel like we are being taken completely advantage of.

Donya G.

Answered Oct 5, 2021

Have you spoken to the dealers manager or the manager of the dealership? if you haven't already done so, you should. Make sure to mention the delay in the dealer paying off the trade in and the fact that you called the the bank and they have told you this delay of two months can be done. If they don't listen to you, then it would be time to hire an attorney to assist you. If you would to engage my services where I would call the dealership on your behalf, you can contact me on the contracts counsel website and I would be happy to assist. Regards, Donya Gordon

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Contractor Agreement


Asked on Oct 23, 2023

How to handle breaches in a contractor agreement?

I am currently working with a contractor to complete a project for my business. We have agreed to a contract and have been working together for the past few months. Recently, I have noticed that the contractor is not meeting the requirements of the contract and I would like to know how to handle these breaches in a contractor agreement.

Michelle T.

Answered Oct 24, 2023

Great question. First, you want to read your contract very carefully to see if the actions are in fact a violation of its terms, sometimes there can be flexibility in the provisions with regard to timelines and so forth. If there is in fact a breach, make sure you keep accurate documentation of the violations. Often times, a well written letter to the other party listing their obligations under the contract and how they have breached those violations is enough to get them to change their behavior. If not, you have the option to ask the court to enforce the agreement or require the breaching party to compensate you for any damages.

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Master Service Agreement


Asked on Apr 23, 2023

What should be included in my master services agreement?

I am a small business owner who is in the process of entering into a Master Service Agreement with an outside party. I am looking for guidance on what should be included in the agreement in order to ensure that my interests are protected and that all parties involved are aware of their rights and responsibilities. I am seeking legal advice on this matter to ensure that the agreement is comprehensive and legally binding.

Kathryn K.

Answered Apr 25, 2023

The critical terms for an MSA will vary widely depending on your industry and the nature of the transaction. Generally speaking, MSAs should include terms addressing: term, termination, structure of the transaction (i.e., are multiple SOWs contemplated), intellectual property ownership, limitations on liability, indemnification, warranties, timing and payment terms, and confidentiality. Those are what I would call the material terms that are critical to setting the expectations of the parties, protecting your interests, and most likely to come up in the event of a dispute. There are myriad other issues that are slightly less important but still need to be addressed, including everything from dispute resolution to assignment to independent contractor status. Depending on your industry, you may need highly detailed sections on data protection and service levels, or not need any language on those issues whatsoever. I highly recommend you consult with an attorney who has experience in drafting MSAs and can prepare a template for you to use for this transaction and all similar deals moving forward. Please note this is not legal advice and this message does not create an attorney-client relationship; I do, however, have extensive experience in commercial contracts and would be happy to assist.

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Contract Agreement


Asked on Apr 7, 2022

Do any lawyers do home visit?

I'm in need of help from a contract lawyer to do a home visit that read and explain a contract before signing?

George O.

Answered Apr 19, 2022

I often go to my clients if they are in Houston or the surrounding areas.

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Consulting Agreement


Asked on Nov 8, 2023

What are common pitfalls in consulting agreements?

I am a business owner who is looking to hire a consultant to provide services for my company. I am currently in the process of drafting a consulting agreement and want to make sure I am aware of any potential pitfalls that could arise. I want to make sure that the agreement is fair to both parties and that all of our rights are properly protected.

Darryl S.

Answered Nov 17, 2023

Ownership of any intellectual property is often an issue that gets negotiated. Also the Indemnity provision.

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