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Lawyer for Power of Attorney: An Overview

A power of attorney (POA) is a statutory record or an instrument providing an individual (agent) expansive powers to handle issues on behalf of another individual (principal). A lawyer for power of attorney is an expert with a comprehensive knowledge of state and national laws impacting how your estate will get distributed.

What Do Lawyers for the Power of Attorney Do?

Power of attorney lawyers, also known as estate law attorneys, are professional and certified law experts with a comprehensive knowledge of the state and national laws that impact how the estate will be valued, categorized, distributed, and taxed after the person's demise. In addition to enlightening you about the probate procedure, a lawyer for power of attorney can assist you with the following:

  • Making a will.
  • Selecting the beneficiaries.
  • Determining ways to avoid the probate tribunal process.
  • Specifying a durable power of attorney and medical power of attorney.
  • Discovering ways to facilitate and avoid inheritance tax when feasible.
  • Establishing trusts that the person might require to secure their assets for their benefit during their lifetime, inability, or the advantage of their heirs after their demise.

Some of the primary advantages of working with a lawyer for power of attorney comprise the following:

  • Developing a customized plan based on your precise requirements and presenting you with the most beneficial legal guidance for your case.
  • Access to a professional who can act as a resource for queries, problems, modifications, and updates to your trust and will.
  • Working with a skilled lawyer who is an expert on existing estate planning regulations in your state, guaranteeing that the judgments you make will be made after the regulation and are lawfully enforceable

In addition, a lawyer for power of attorney usually charges a flat fee to assist you in drafting binding legal records such as durable power of attorney and wills. Nevertheless, you can hire them to help you maintain your inheritance, act on your behalf to address conflicts when called upon, and guarantee that your will is carried out according to strategy when required.

Power of Attorney: An Overview

A power of attorney (POA) is a legal document that authorizes a person to work on behalf of another. The power of attorney status is given for numerous reasons, such as the individual being incapable, indisposed, ill, etc. Thus, presenting a power of attorney is more effortless as another individual will take care of all your obligations and duties without burdening you.

Furthermore, if your power of attorney paper does not comprise detailed restrictions, it will give your agent more extensive power over financial or medical choices. Nevertheless, the agent is anticipated to work in their principal's favor, the individual permitting the agent to operate on their behalf. However, an agent with a power of attorney cannot perform the following:

  • Change the principal's will
  • Keep making choices on behalf of the principal after their demise
  • Split the fiduciary responsibility to act in favor of the principal
  • Transfer or shift power of attorney to another person

Understanding the Types of Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a documented permission to serve on behalf of another individual in private affairs, business, or legal issues. The designee can get several privileges, such as the power to sign an agreement on your behalf, the right to control your financial transactions, the privilege to sell your property, or any other statutory right. Below are some prominent types of power of attorney:

  1. General Power of Attorney

    A general power of attorney will provide comprehensive controls to the attorney-in-fact (agent) you hire. Some responsibilities that a general power of attorney hold comprise the following:

    • Conducting business interests
    • Conducting business and financial transactions
    • Buying life insurance
    • Making gifts
    • Settling lawsuits
    • Hiring professional assistance

    Furthermore, a general power of attorney can prove beneficial if you would like any other individual to control some or all of these issues on your behalf. Besides, maintaining a general power of attorney is also helpful if any individual becomes physically or mentally unfit to manage their matters. This classification of power of attorney usually will be incorporated in an estate plan to guarantee someone can always manage your financial concerns.

  2. Limited Power of Attorney

    You can sign a limited power of attorney if you like to specify the exact authorities your agent can use. Moreover, a special power of attorney can help you when any other person cannot manage specific issues for medical reasons. A special power of attorney document may determine issues such as the following:

    • Selling property, including personal and real property
    • Managing real estate
    • Managing business transactions
    • Accumulating debts
  3. Durable Power of Attorney

    A durable power of attorney serves as a public, special, or medical care power of attorney record that also incorporates a durability prerequisite that maintains the existing power of attorney if you become incapable of making your own choices. You may incorporate conditions that a power of attorney cannot become effective until a physician attests that you are mentally incapable, even calling the specific physician you want to establish your competency. In addition, you can also demand that two licensed doctors approve your mental capability for the durable power of attorney to remain impactful.

  4. Medical Care Power of Attorney

    You can choose a medical care power of attorney if you want to hire an agent to make healthcare choices for you. Moreover, you can use this medical care power of attorney when:

    • You are unconscious
    • You are otherwise incompetent to make healthcare choices on your behalf
    • You are mentally incompetent

    Besides, a medical care power of attorney varies from a living will, a record in which you express your desires for end-of-life medical supervision if you cannot express your decisions. In this power of attorney document, many states will allow you to incorporate your choice for whether you would like to remain on life support. Also, some states might let you make an advanced health care directive incorporating elements of a medical care power of attorney and living will.

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Key Terms

  • Certificate of Incapability: A certificate administered by a provincial medical officer after a medical and practical assessment finds a person mentally incapable.
  • Limited Power of Attorney: A power of attorney document that restricts the attorney's privileges to a particular task or a defined period — for instance, to sign documents finalizing the sale of a defined property.
  • Public Guardian and Trustee: A public institute founded by law to safeguard the interests of people who lack the legal ability to guard their interests.
  • Representation Agreement: A statutory document to allow someone to help an adult or work on their behalf for medical and personal care issues. It can also cover common monetary and legal matters.

In a Nutshell

Numerous legal clauses make up a power of attorney. Therefore, you must include all these provisions in the power of attorney document and elaborate on the privileges and responsibilities of the authorized person. However, a poorly drafted power of attorney can make things challenging for the donor. So to ensure you always make the most comprehensive power of attorney document, consult our attorneys at ContractsCounsel today.

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