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To start a corporation online means giving owners restricted liability and a robust management structure, thus protecting vital assets per state-specific rules. To start a corporation online in the US, one must choose a state for incorporation, appoint directors, issue stock, obtain licenses, and comply with tax and regulatory requirements. The blog below lets us understand more about starting a corporation online and its important aspects.

Steps to Start a Corporation Online

Launching a business online in the United States is simpler than one would think. Below mentioned are the steps to start a corporation online:

  1. Selecting a Name for the Corporation: The first important step in creating a corporation is selecting a company name. It must be unique compared to other names of firms in the particular state. On the website of the secretary of state or another state agency in charge of business filings, an individual can perform a name availability search. Depending on the local state's office one is dealing with, the legal division of the state has different requirements that the corporation must follow.
  2. Electing the Directors: The board oversees the company's overall strategy. A temporary committee must be appointed to incorporate, but once the organization has been established, one can swap it out for a more permanent one. There are various standards for the composition of the board of directors in different states. One can require one board member, three, or even more.
  3. Filing the Necessary Corporate Documents: A legal document known as the articles of incorporation must be filed with the state's business filing authority (often the secretary of state) to establish a new corporation. An individual can finish this process online in most states. The aspects that will normally be found in the articles of incorporation are the business's name, the company's main office, the objective, name, and location of the registered agent who will receive a serving of process on behalf of the corporation, the founding board members' names and addresses, as well as the incorporators' names. The best course of action is to find out which documents the state requires explicitly for the articles of incorporation. Every state differs in terms of rules, language, forms, and filing fees. A certificate of formation will be given to the employees once the articles have been accepted.
  4. Drafting Corporate Bylaws: Certain states require corporate bylaws to be recognized legally as a corporation. A corporation's operating procedures are outlined in its corporate bylaws, which include rules and regulations. One should establish the bylaws before or after submitting the business formation forms. Corporate bylaws serve as a guide for how the business will be managed and choices made.
  5. Organizing the First Board of Directors Meeting: Hold a meeting of the inaugural board of directors when the corporation has been formally established, and the bylaws have been written. Make careful that the corporation adheres to the bylaws' notice requirements. The directors often elect a permanent board, approve the bylaws, elect officials to manage day-to-day operations, choose the corporation's accounting year, and approve the stock issuing during this meeting. All board meetings should have minutes taken to be kept with the company's records.
  6. Issuing the Stocks: One of the first official corporate actions after founding a corporation is issuing stock to the shareholders. Keep track of the total shares allocated to each shareholder, including the associated purchase price. A corporation is owned by those who contribute to the business in exchange for ownership shares. The number of authorized shares is the most one may sell. The company's articles of incorporation specify the total number of authorized shares.
  7. Obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN): The IRS can identify the company for tax reporting. They can do the same with the help of an EIN. It functions as the company's equivalent of a social security number. A corporation must obtain an EIN. A person will need it to open a bank account, implement payroll withholding, and create state tax accounts. On the IRS website, one can rapidly and cost-freely obtain an EIN.
  8. Securing Business Licenses, Permits, and DBAs: The requirements for the corporation will vary depending on where the person is located and what industry one is in, but most firms require some kind of license or permit. Many localities and certain jurisdictions mandate that all enterprises hold a general business license. Additional licenses are needed in many fields, including selling alcohol and guns, aircraft, and dining establishments.

Benefits of Opting to Start a Corporation Online

The United States has emerged to be an excellent destination for beginners to start any new corporation. It also gives the organization the potential to become a multibillion-dollar company. The same is because of the many advantages associated with it that are mentioned below:

  • Offering Governmental Incentives: The US is among the most favorable nations for investors. Numerous governments and municipalities offer financial benefits to foreign business owners wanting to start a corporation online, including tax breaks and lower corporate real estate taxes for foreign investors, among other things.
  • Facilitating Breakthrough in Technology: Many foreign investors are setting up corporations in the United States primarily to access cutting-edge technological developments to enhance their ability to produce goods and communicate internationally.
  • Being a Separate Entity: By starting a corporation and registration, it becomes a separate legal entity in the US with independent liability and more credibility. This entity is in charge of paying any debts incurred by the company. A corporation can be operated as a result without endangering personal assets. Since registered businesses imply trust, permanency, and market legitimacy, consumers, suppliers, and other external stakeholders view them as more stable than unregistered organizations.
  • Granting Equal Opportunities: All US businesses are treated the same way. This enables the corporation to benefit from all applicable laws, whether acquiring a business or moving money. In a commercial dispute, one is placed on an even playing field with the adversary.
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Key Terms for Starting a Corporation Online

  • LLC: A type of corporate structure in the United States that shields its owners from being held personally liable for the firm's obligations.
  • Statement of Incorporator: Outlines the decisions made at the meeting and transfers complete business control to the first directors.
  • DBA: Stands for "doing business as." It's also known as the company's assumed, trade, or fake name.
  • Corporation: A specific entity that conducts business across several jurisdictions.
  • Taxation: The specific taxes one must pay as an individual, business, or entity in any country.

Final Thoughts on Starting a Corporation Online

An individual must know what is expected of them after starting a corporation as a business owner. States have different laws governing how corporations should be run. Some may demand annual reports, share issuance, yearly meetings, and the keeping of accurate and thorough books, written communications, financial statements, and meeting minutes. Yet, one may need to follow simple steps to start a corporation online. They can also seek the help of a professional lawyer to proceed with the entire process.

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I am an attorney licensed in California with particular experience in local policy work, workplace justice, and environmental law. I have authored or co-authored over 30 amicus briefs (including one for which I received an Amicus Service Award from the International Municipal Lawyers Association), have extensive experience researching state law across the country and across issue areas, and pride myself in clearly and concisely distilling complex and/or technical legal concepts for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

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Hello! I am a transactional attorney enthusiastic about helping entrepreneurs launch and protect their businesses. Let me know how I can support you with drafting and negotiating contracts, setting up your LLC, copyrighting creative content, or trademarking your brand. I am experienced with drafting and negotiating business contracts, including service/vendor agreements, NDAs, marketing agreements, licensing agreements, terms & conditions, terms of use, and many more! I have helped companies develop strong template agreements and strategies for contract management. My goal is to deliver a simple, stress-free client experience!

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