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Buying a pharmacy includes acquiring a well-established retail or pharmacy, usually to assume control of the business's operations, assets, and clientele. This process includes multiple steps such as print-out of the financial statement, verification of market strength, and regulatory regulation. Some options of financial arrangements like loans or partnerships are looked at, and bargaining is done with the seller. The due diligence would be instrumental in confirming licenses, contracts, inventory, and regulatory permits. Legal documentation, which is mainly in the form of sale agreements and transfer of licenses, must be examined minutely and executed appropriately to have a smooth transfer of ownership. Furthermore, the company must give priority to ongoing operational management and strategic planning to succeed in the competitive market of drug companies.

Steps Involved When Buying a Pharmacy

Here are the steps for running a pharmacy store

  1. Create a Business Plan. This involves establishing your pharmacy’s specific purpose and your business vision. Explain the exact services you provide to identify the targeted customers. You can also reveal the USP you have against your competitors at this stage.
  2. Select a Legal Structure and Registration. Your startup must have a legal structure. It may be for an LLC or even a sole proprietorship. This involves registering with both the state and federal agencies to comply with the legal standards of the United States.
  3. Know Your Finances. Most banks see a pharmacy as a strong business proposition, you will most likely need around 20 to 40 percent of your own money to put down on the purchase. Before applying for a SBA loan or commercial loan, assess your finances and know where you stand. If the bank will not fund the entire purchase price, you need to know how and if you can make up the difference. There is also the option to pursue seller financing opportunities.
  4. Venture into Pharmacy Ownership Options. When venturing into pharmacy ownership, you have the choice between joining a chain pharmacy, with smaller companies offering franchising opportunities or opting for an independent pharmacy. Independent paths often involve buying into a partnership, ideally with a retiring owner for mentorship and shared costs, or targeting niche markets like compounding pharmacies for potentially higher profits.
  5. Choose Location. Choose a location for your pharmacy that aligns with zoning laws, offers high visibility, and ensures easy access for customers. This strategic decision is crucial for attracting foot traffic and ensuring operational feasibility.
  6. Secure Licensing and Permits. Secure the required licenses and permits at both state and local levels to operate your pharmacy within legal guidelines. This step is essential for compliance, ensuring your business operates legally and avoids penalties.
  7. Set Financial Benchmarks. According to, pharmacies and drug stores in the US generate $248 billion each year. 52,193 businesses share in that revenue and within those businesses, 775,721 people are employed. The average pharmacy will fill 54,427 prescriptions annually or 174 per day, and the average independent pharmacy typically generates $2.8 million in sales each year. The cost of goods sold will be your highest expense, running at about 75% of annual sales.
  8. Give an Industry Outlook. While many Americans now have better access to prescription drugs, some are using online pharmacies as an alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacy we discussed in this post. If this trend continues and grows in popularity, it could jeopardize the health of some smaller, independent pharmacies. Overall, buying a pharmacy can be a good business investment as it is a pretty stable industry that will most likely grow as America's population ages.

Advantages of Buying a Pharmacy

Below are the benefits of purchasing a pharmacy.

  • Control over Business Decisions: Once you buy a pharmacy, you have the full mandate concerning decisions that affect your business. They range from choosing products and services to marketing strategies by which you want your enterprise to be known.
  • Flexibility in Working Hours: On top of that, owning a pharmacy means more time flexibility when it comes to working hours. You can schedule yourself to work as much or as little as you wish. For individuals who cherish work-life balance or other extracurricular activities outside work, this can be quite helpful.
  • Strong Potential for Profitability: Pharmacies are potentially lucrative enterprises because there is always a high demand for prescription medicines and other health-related goods. As an owner, you would have the possibility of making decent money while having success with your company.
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Cost and Other Considerations to Start a Pharmacy

Purchasing a pharmacy can be rewarding but it is costly. The start-up costs for a pharmacy could range between $880,000 and $1,800,000. This depends on various factors such as:

  • Pharmacy location
  • Pharmacy size
  • Services offered
  • Regulatory requirements

Other cost factors include:

  • Current Market: Research the market to get insights into start-up costs, expected revenue, and potential challenges you may face as you consider buying a pharmacy.
  • Existing History: Assess the pharmacy’s current revenue and expenses, profit margin, customer base, existing contracts, and insurance providers to identify any possible concerns. This applies if you want to buy an existing pharmacy.
  • Market Competition: Analyze the area's demographics, the market's competition, and the community's unique needs. You can decide which services and products to offer and a pricing strategy that keeps you competitive with this information.

Important factors must also be taken into consideration when deciding to buy a pharmacy, which include:

  • Understand different pharmacy businesses and their respective services.
  • Conduct market research to identify target demographics and gather customer feedback.
  • Create a business plan with legal/financial considerations in mind, choose the ideal location, and set up a pharmacy with software and supplies. Market and promote effectively for a successful opening day and ongoing success.

Licensing Requirements for Pharmacy Owners

Pharmacy ownership requires adhering to both legal and regulatory requirements. This may often include licensing and following different state and federal regulations. Other additions include insurance and liability considerations. You will also be responsible for maintaining all the proper licensing when you buy a pharmacy.

Pharmacy licensing may be different by state but will mostly include:

  • Forming a business entity
  • Applying for an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Registering a business name along with the state
  • Registering for state and federal taxes
  • Registering to distribute certain controlled substances

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Pharmacy

The following are the details on avoiding the common mistakes while buying a pharmacy:

  • Failing to Define Your Niche: Ensure your pharmacy stands out by defining a unique niche. You may also assist in offering services or products that differentiate you from your competitors. Consider specializations like free delivery, bilingual staff, compounding, or niche healthcare classes.
  • Undercapitalization: Avoid underestimating financial needs. Allocate sufficient capital to cover initial inventory costs. Check if there is enough working capital to sustain operations until positive cash flow is achieved.
  • Time Management: Factor in ample time for the regulatory processes and setup required before you open your pharmacy. State pharmacy permits and other necessary information related to pharmacy systems must be gathered, which can take several months, so plan accordingly.

Key Terms for Buying a Pharmacy

  • Pharmacy Valuation: The process of determining what a pharmacy is worth. It is usually based on financial performance, assets, location, and growth potential.
  • Goodwill: The immeasurable value of a drugstore's reputation, clientele base, and name recognition in the community where it operates.
  • Due Diligence: A prospective buyer's investigation into the accounting, legal, and operational aspects of a pharmacy before purchase.
  • Inventory: The stock of drugs and other products held by a given pharmacy at any given time.
  • Earnout: A clause in the sales agreement that provides for additional consideration if the pharmacy achieves certain financial targets following closing.
  • Lease Agreement: An agreement that outlines the terms of rental between the landlord and tenant. This may include rent amount and lease duration, among other conditions attached to it.

Final Thoughts on Buying a Pharmacy

It might seem as though buying a drugstore is not difficult but this has several complications. When you factor in variables such as market dynamics and financial viability, even growth potential seems good. However, successful business often requires careful research, efficient management, and an understanding of all markets. With a commitment to hard work and smart planning, owning a pharmacy can prove very profitable. In this way, it will help America achieve both corporate objectives and its local healthcare goals.

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