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An investment contract is a legally binding agreement that outlines the terms and conditions for an investment opportunity. An investment involves the exchange of funds or assets by an investor in return for an ownership interest, profit sharing, or other financial benefits in a business venture or investment project.

How Do You Review an Investment Contract?

Investment contracts should include provisions related to the investment amount, expected returns, duration of the investment, rights and obligations of the parties involved, and procedures for dispute resolution.

The contract should be carefully reviewed to ensure the terms and conditions are fair, legally binding, and protect your investment interests.

When reviewing an investment contract, follow these steps:

  1. Read the contract carefully. Before beginning the review process, you should thoroughly read the entire document from the beginning to the end. While reading, take note of definitions and language used throughout the contract.
  2. Identify the parties. The parties involved in the contract should be clearly stated and you should fully understand the roles and responsibilities of each party. The contract should outline the rights, obligations, and liabilities of both the investor and the company seeking investment.
  3. Evaluate the contract terms. The contract terms are one of the most important elements of the contract. The terms will define the rights and obligations of the two parties including ownership and control, and profit and return structures. You should go over the amount of investment, the method of payment, and any other conditions or milestones associated with the investment.
  4. Evaluate risk factors. Investments opportunities come with inherent risks. These risks should be disclosed in the investment contract, including market risks, business risks, or legal and regulatory risks.
  5. Contact an experienced lawyer. A lawyer who specializes in investment contracts can review your contract and provide guidance based on its terms and implications. A lawyer can ensure that you understand the risks associated with the investment and any exit limitations that may be included in the terms.

It is crucial to understand the terms, risks, and potential returns outlined in your investment contract. If you are having trouble understanding any provisions in the contract, it is highly encouraged that you seek the advice of a lawyer who has experience drafting and reviewing investment contracts.

4 Elements of an Investment Contract

Four elements of an invest contract you should always review include:

  • Parties and purpose. Investment contracts typically involve two parties—the investor and the company seeking investment. However, there can be multiple investors included in one contract. The roles and responsibilities of each party should be clearly defined, and the purpose of the investment should be explained.
  • Investment terms. Investment terms may include the amount of investment required, payment terms, and any conditions or milestones associated with the investment.
  • Rights and obligations. Under the investment contract, each party will have rights and obligations. This may include ownership or equity interests, voting rights, profit sharing, decision-making authority, and any other benefits or privileges. Obligations can include funding requirements or restrictions on transferability of the investment.
  • Risk factors and disclaimers. This contract section outlines the potential risks associated with the investment and factors that could impact the success of the investment.

When reviewing an investment contract, pay close attention to these four contract elements to ensure you fully understand the implications of entering into the contract.

What to Look for in an Investment Contract

If you are reviewing an investment contract, you should look for the following key terms and provisions:

  • Ownership and control. The contract should define the extent of ownership or equity interest being offered in exchange for the investment. It is important to go over any voting rights, decision-making authority, or management control that is associated with the ownership stake.
  • Profit distribution and returns. This section will explain how profits, returns, or dividends will be distributed among investors. It is important to understand how profits are calculated and any restrictions or preferences.
  • Exit Strategies. Exit strategies include liquidity events or the ability to sell or transfer the investment. Some contracts will impose restrictions or limitations on the ability to exit the investment.
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance. Every investment contract should comply with applicable laws and regulations. The contract should include representations, warranties, or disclosures made by the company seeking investment.

These are only a few key provisions you will find in an investment contract. You should take the time to review all provisions in the contract and reach out to an experienced attorney if you have questions or concerns about the proposed terms.

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How Does an Investment Contract Work?

An investment contract begins with a negotiation between the investor and the company. The two parties will discuss and agree to terms surrounding the amount of the investment and the ownership stake the investor receives.

Then, the investor will follow agreed upon payment terms to transfer funds or assets to the company. This can be done in one transaction or on a schedule that will be detailed in the contract. Once the investor provides the company with funds, the investor will receive some type of ownership stake in the company.

What Are the Benefits of Contract Review?

If you are entering into a contract of any kind, especially an investment contract which can have significant financial consequences, it is important to fully review the contract.

Many people choose to hire an experienced attorney for contract review projects. An attorney who specializes in reviewing investment contracts will be able to look over the contract to ensure it is fair, legally binding, and fully protects your interests.

Some additional benefits of hiring a lawyer for contract review include:

  • An understanding of all terms, conditions, and obligations laid out in the contract.
  • Identification of any risks that may affect the investment and how to best mitigate those risks.
  • Ensuring the contract complies with all laws and regulations applicable to investment contracts.
  • The ability to negotiate terms to ensure that you achieve the best possible deal.
  • Avoiding potential financial losses due to mistakes or unfair contract terms.

Types of Investment Contracts

There are several types of investment contracts available for different investment purposes. Some of the more popular investment contracts include:

  • Stock Purchase Agreement. Used when an investor purchases shares or stocks of a company. This contract will outline the terms and conditions of the stock purchase with details about the number of shares purchased, the purchase price, and any rights or restrictions associated with the stock.
  • Convertible Note Agreement. Convertible note agreements are most used for investing in start-up companies because these instruments can be converted into equity at a later stage after the company has a record of value.
  • Joint Venture Agreement. A joint venture agreement is used when two or more parties come together to undertake a specific business project or venture. The agreement outlines the terms of cooperation, profit-sharing, decision-making, and the roles and responsibilities of each party involved.
  • Royalty Agreement. Under a royalty agreement, the investor provides capital in exchange for a percentage of future sales or revenue generated by a product or intellectual property.

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