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A lawyer for medical power of attorney helps you prepare a statutory document that specifies one individual as the health care representative of another individual. While most estate planning concentrates on money and finances, a comprehensive estate plan should assist you in preparing for any possible healthcare or medical decisions you may need to take. It is where a medical power of attorney, popularly known as a durable power of attorney (DOA) for healthcare, is necessary.

What Does a Lawyer for Medical Power of Attorney Do?

While discussing issues such as end-of-life care is discomfiting for some individuals, planning ahead of time for medical supervision is an excellent idea. It guarantees that individuals obtain the kind of medical attention they like and that no one infringes on their wishes by compelling them to undergo medical treatments they understand that they don't want.

In addition, it also eases stress on friends and family members who otherwise have to make these choices and eliminates the clash between them when they do not agree about what medical actions to take to save or prolong the patient's life. A lawyer for medical power of attorney will assist you in creating legal documents where you can designate a person to act as your agent if you are incapable of making rational decisions.

Moreover, a lawyer for medical power of attorney can also direct you to have separate financial and medical power of attorney orders that appoint different agents to make choices for you on financial and health care decisions, respectively.

Medical Power of Attorney: An Overview

A medical Power Of Attorney (POA), also known as a healthcare power of attorney, is a statutory document allowing you to assign legal power to make critical choices about your medical supervision. These choices could be about treatment alternatives, surgery, medicine, end-of-life care, etc. Furthermore, the individual you designate in your power of attorney to make these determinations is your proxy or healthcare agent.

Also, no one knows when something unpredictable, like a sudden illness or injury, could happen to them. However, with a medical power of attorney, you can select someone you count on to make crucial decisions if you cannot. When drafting a medical power of attorney, most individuals prefer to make it long-lasting. An enduring medical power of attorney implies your representative's power to work on your behalf, indicating you cannot express your desires.

Besides, your representative could make healthcare choices when you cannot speak for yourself. Many tribunals consider a medical power of attorney enduring by default, but it is best to be clear when composing your document. Moreover, depending on where you reside, the medical power of attorneys might also be known as:

  • Advance directive
  • Power of attorney for healthcare
  • Advance healthcare directive
  • A medical power of attorney directive

Understanding the Working of a Medical Power of Attorney

A medical power of attorney comes into action only in severe medical disorders. Instances of medical circumstances that could need your medical power of attorney (POA) to act on your account comprise:

  • Slipping into a coma due to brain injury or stroke
  • Losing the ability to communicate due to disease or dementia
  • Having a lapse of mental fitness that limits you from being of sound mind

Only a medical professional might determine when you can use medical power of attorney. If a doctor determines you cannot communicate for yourself, the medical power of attorney notice provides your agent command overtaking the subsequent steps so that you can obtain the finest possible medical supervision according to your desires.

Once you complete your medical power of attorney and any other advance directive record, like a living will, you should ensure that your caretaker understands the document and maintain a copy. In addition, you can provide the following people copies of your medical power of attorney document.

  • Your physician
  • Important family members
  • Your hospital
  • Your attorney

A Living Will vs. Medical Power of Attorney

A living will is a statutory record that allows you to summarize your end-of-life healthcare choices if you cannot convey them. It comprises medications and medical therapies you're ready (or reluctant) to obtain. On the contrary, a medical power of attorney (POA) is a lawful document that allows you to select a healthcare representative to make choices about your medical supervision.

These two records can function together, and if you own a medical power of attorney or a living will, your healthcare representative's decisions must align with your desires. Moreover, you can incorporate the medical power of attorneys and living wills into a single record known as an advance healthcare directive.

Guardianship vs. Medical Power of Attorney

A medical power of attorney lets you plan for your future healthcare services if you cannot choose for yourself. On the other hand, a guardian is an individual who is legally accountable for guaranteeing all your requirements are met, from emotional well-being to medical care. In addition, a guardian would only become suitable for you as a grown-up if you were incapacitated without an appropriate medical power of attorney. If this occurs, the tribunal may designate a guardian for you.

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Financial Power of Attorney vs. Medical Power of Attorney

A financial power of attorney allows you to present someone with statutory power to make monetary choices if you cannot. It can comprise defending lawsuits, managing finances, and paying bills. In contrast, a medical power of attorney allows your representative to make choices about your medical matters.

Can You Revoke Your Medical POA (Power of Attorney)?

You can cancel or revoke your medical power of attorney if you are mentally fit. In addition, to cancel your medical power of attorney, you can fill out a cancellation of power of attorney form and get it notarized and witnessed. This document implies that you no longer like your preferred representative to act as your medical power of attorney.

Moreover, you can also make a new medical power of attorney document, modify your existing representative's accountabilities or designate a new healthcare agent. Once you've made either of these records, you should inform your existing healthcare representative in writing to allow them to understand you are canceling their power of attorney. You should also reach out to other people with your medical power of attorney on file, like your medical headquarters, to allow them to understand the revocation.

Key Terms

  • Executor: A statutory term referring to an individual designated to fulfill the specifications of a last will and testament. In many circumstances, the administrator and the healthcare proxy are different people.
  • Health Care Treatment Directive: A written statement of a person's preferences concerning health care therapy, including end-of-life supervision, compatible with the legal support of Living Will regulations where they exist. Nevertheless, healthcare treatment directives are more expansive in scope than living wills because they are not restricted to terminal provisions, also known as medical directives.
  • A Living Will: A lawful document presenting instructions regarding whether life-support medications should be withdrawn or withheld. In addition, living wills are the earliest state of advance directives.


Overall, appointing a medical power of attorney can safeguard loved ones from making unfortunate choices in difficult circumstances. Work with our experienced attorneys at ContractsCounsel to create the most comprehensive statutory documents, like medical POA, that guarantee your wishes are detailed.

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