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Meet some of our Rhode Island Real Estate Lawyers

Moss S. on ContractsCounsel
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5.0 (3)
Member Since:
November 17, 2021
Elizabeth W. on ContractsCounsel
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5.0 (6)
Member Since:
December 11, 2021

Elizabeth W.

Legal Counsel
Free Consultation
Minneapolis, MN
7 Yrs Experience
Licensed in RI MA
Suffolk University Law School

Liz is an experienced insurance professional, having worked with carriers and brokers for over 10 years. She can review or draft a variety of commercial agreements and is here to help your business. Specialties include: Master Service Agreements, business process outsourcing, marketing and partnership agreements, broker agreements, business associate agreements, and NDAs.

Nicholas M. on ContractsCounsel
View Nicholas
5.0 (35)
Member Since:
June 1, 2023

Nicholas M.

Free Consultation
Providence, Rhode Island
14 Yrs Experience
Licensed in RI CT, MA, NC
The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law

Nicholas Matlach is a cybersecurity expert (CISSP) and an attorney who is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed. He is a client-focused professional who has a deep understanding of the challenges that small businesses face in the digital age. He also provides legal counsel to small businesses on a variety of issues, including formation, intellectual property, contracts, and employment law.

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Meet some of our other Real Estate Lawyers

Christina M. on ContractsCounsel
View Christina
5.0 (10)
Member Since:
June 22, 2023

Christina M.

Legal Consultant
Free Consultation
Las Vegas, NV
17 Yrs Experience
Licensed in NV
UNLV Boyd School of Law

I am a regulatory transactional attorney with 16 years of in-house experience, largely in the gaming/gambling industry. I have negotiated various types and sizes of contracts from janitorial services for a small commercial building to multi-million dollar technology transactions. I also have a strong regulatory background that strengthens my ability to navigate contracts that are subject to stringent regulations.

Bobby H. on ContractsCounsel
View Bobby
5.0 (5)
Member Since:
June 22, 2023

Bobby H.

Associate Attorney
Free Consultation
Atlanta, Georgia
11 Yrs Experience
Licensed in GA
University of Miami School of Law

Bobby E. Hill, Jr. is a native of Tuscaloosa, Alabama and holds undergraduate degrees in music and business administration from Xavier University of Louisiana. He received his Juris Doctor from the University of Miami School of Law where he was a staff and articles editor for the school’s Race & Social Justice Law Review and a student attorney in the institution’s Immigration Clinic. In addition to freelancing, Bobby is currently a litigation associate at Johnson & Freeman, LLC, a boutique litigation firm in Atlanta, Georgia, where he practices in the firm's Condemnation, Probate, Real Estate Litigation, Real Estate Transactions, E-Discovery and Business and General Civil Litigation Practice areas. In this role, Bobby has acquired appreciable experience in drafting memoranda of law for partners and senior counsel, and all litigation related pleadings including pleadings related to dispositive motions, discovery, appeals, and other post-judgment relief.

Peter L. on ContractsCounsel
View Peter
5.0 (2)
Member Since:
July 1, 2023
Jessica M. on ContractsCounsel
View Jessica
4.7 (2)
Member Since:
June 24, 2023

Jessica M.

Free Consultation
Portland, Oregon
24 Yrs Experience
Licensed in OR
Lewis and Clark

Jessica Molligan is an attorney with twenty years of experience in family law, bankruptcy, and litigation.

Christine T. on ContractsCounsel
View Christine
Member Since:
July 17, 2023

Christine T.

Free Consultation
Albany, NY
6 Yrs Experience
Licensed in CT, NJ, NY
UCLA School of Law

Christine E. Taylor focuses her practice in the areas of Hospitality Law, Business Law, Labor and Employment Law, Real Estate Law, Administrative Law, Estate Law and Litigation. Ms. Taylor grew up within the campground industry, working at parks in both the Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Franchise and the Kampgrounds of America Franchise. Armed with two decades of experience, Ms. Taylor is quick to point out the legal issues that apply to outdoor hospitality business owners. She has provided a wide variety of services to campgrounds, RV Parks, and glamping venues, including seasonal licenses, waivers, employment contracts, real estate services and even litigation services as needed.

David U. on ContractsCounsel
View David
Member Since:
June 22, 2023

David U.

Free Consultation
24 Yrs Experience
Licensed in AZ, CO
The University of Oklahoma College of Law

For the last 25 years I've focused on representing businesses and entrepreneurs in transactional law deals, including LLC creation, operation and sale of businesses; real estate sales and leasing; and general contract negotiation and drafting. While I've helped all manner of businesses work out a variety of contract and business matters, I am an expert at helping clients with buying and selling commercial properties including multi-family and office projects and buildings, subdivisions, and retail shopping centers. I am also a recognized expert negotiating leases for retail and office tenants and. landlords. Over 25 years I've honed my skills a lawyer at one of the largest law firms in the world, an elite real estate boutique in Aspen, Colorado and a highly regarded firm based in Denver, Colorado, before starting my own practice in 2016. Since 2016 I've been helping my clients with real estate and business deals. I'm a commercial real estate and business expert with a passion for helping clients forge successful ventures in an efficient and understandable manner.

Scott M. on ContractsCounsel
View Scott
Member Since:
August 2, 2023

Scott M.

Managing Attorney
Free Consultation
Kansas City
11 Yrs Experience
Licensed in KS, MO
Washington University in St. Louis

Skilled/versatile attorney (and RE broker) with 10+ years' experience and diverse background in real estate, business law, injury litigation, estate planning. Select Experience: • Former General Counsel (and current Of Counsel) for a prominent real estate developer touching on all aspects of business in a hands-on and advisory role, including Lease and PSA contract negotiations; • Years of successful injury litigation practice as associate and solo (primarily plaintiff, some defense) with multiple six-figure settlements; • Years of expertise in business law for a variety of industries as well as estate planning for small to mid-size entities.

Shanon G. on ContractsCounsel
View Shanon
Member Since:
June 28, 2023

Shanon G.

Free Consultation
Lake Oswego, Oregon
23 Yrs Experience
Licensed in ID, OR
Oklahoma City University Law School

Have experience in contract, family law, municipality work, criminal defense, litigation, some wills and estates as well. Been practicing law for over 22 years.

Real Estate Legal Questions and Answers

Real Estate

Purchase And Sale Agreement


Asked on Aug 17, 2021

Where do I get a purchase and sale agreement paperwork, as well as an assignment agreement document .

I'm fairly new to real estate and wanna change my families financial situation. But just need a few pointers .

Samuel R.

Answered Oct 6, 2021

I can draft each of those agreements for you. I have drafted numerous property acquisition agreements as well as assignments.

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Real Estate


North Carolina

Asked on Jun 9, 2022

Collect a lien against property sold in tax sell monroe nc

Collection of lien

Holly T.

Answered Jun 17, 2022

The timelines for a creditor to file perfect and demand lien satisfaction are specific and you will need an attorney to take care of this, assuming it is still an option.

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Real Estate

Mortgage Loan Agreement


Asked on Feb 28, 2022

If I am separating with someone I co-own a house with, not married, are there any repercussions to me moving out of the house before we have a signed agreement?

I bought a house with my boyfriend, we are now breaking up. We built the house and moved in in October 2022. It's too soon to sell and make money off of it. I am willing to move out, but I want the cash that I initially put into the house during settlement. We are attempting to come up with an agreement, which I would like an attorney to review before I sign.

Ryan W.

Answered Mar 1, 2022

Whether there are any repercussions depends upon the circumstances surrounding your purchase. For example, whether or not a mortgage exists can affect the situation. If you are on the mortgage, it would not matter what agreement you sign with your boyfriend, you are still on the hook for the mortgage unless you can negotiate with the lender to remove yourself from the mortgage. It may require your boyfriend to refinance. You are certainly making the right move by having an attorney review any agreement between you and your boyfriend. You just need to consider the third-party lender and how that may also affect you.

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Real Estate

Lease Agreement


Asked on Feb 15, 2023

In a lease purchase agreement, is the purchase price agreed upon initially and if so, how do you calculate a purchase price for 3 years into the future?

I am looking to start a RE development company that offers Lease Purchase agreements. Before entering into such a contract, I need to run the numbers to see if this is a profitable business. The purchase price is a key factor.

Jane C.

Answered Mar 17, 2023

I suggest you consult with your accountant. Also look at the assignment provision in the lease to see if there are any restrictions.

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Real Estate

Quitclaim Deed


Asked on Sep 30, 2023

When to use a quitclaim deed?

I recently inherited a piece of property from a family member and I am looking to transfer ownership to another family member. I am not sure if a Quitclaim deed is the correct way to do this, and I am seeking legal advice to understand when to use a Quitclaim deed in this situation.

Bobby H.

Answered Oct 20, 2023

Notwithstanding any statory formalities required for purposes of recording in the public records, in theory, any writing in which an owner intends to transfer propery that is adquatedly described and delivered to the transferee may function as a deed. However, in practice, you will find there are generally three broad categories of deeds mostly used to convey property in Georgia, depending on certain warranties, or the lack thereof, contained therein. These categorizes include warranty deeds, limited warranty deeds, and quitclaim deeds. In a warranty or general warranty deed, the grantor generally warrants title, and promises to defend the grantee against third party title claims that either arose, or which are based on events occuring at anytime during the grantor's ownership of property OR the ownership of any of the grantor's predecessors in title. In a limited warranty deed, a grantor generally only warrants and promises to defend the grantee against title claims which arose, or which are based on events occuring during the grantor's ownership. A quitclaim deed generally contains no warranties. Therefore, the grantee or transferee of a quitclaim deed has little to no recourse against the grantor if there is an issue with the title to the property based on the deed alone. Generally, in circumstances where there is a transfer of family property, between family members, in which no money is being exchanged, a quitclaim deed is fine. However, there may be certain tax consequences if the family member were to later resale the property. He/she may want to consult a tax professional prior to do so.

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