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A bill of sale review is a process of analyzing the final draft of the document before signing it. It is often carried out by a lawyer, as they are the experts in the field.

What Should You Look Into While Conducting the Bill of Sale Review?

Here are some things that must be taken care of while conducting the bill of sale review:

  • Name and Contact Details of Both Parties

    During the bill of sale review, a lawyer verifies the identity of both parties. They collect relevant proof to maintain a record and carefully store it. In case of any legal proceedings, these details are extremely helpful in proving the identity of both parties.

    Further, the contact details of both parties are noted down. This involves not only the phone number but also the permanent address. Further, the lawyer also finds proof or documents that justify the permanent address's validity. In many scenarios, during the bill of sale review, lawyers also conduct police verification of all the documents they have acquired.

  • The Exchange Is Made Between Both Parties.

    This section talks about the commodity that is sold and its condition. For example, if a secondhand car is sold, the exact details of the car, such as the company name, model number, and year of manufacturing, are mentioned.

    This is how to prove which item was sold in case of legal action. In the case of multiple items, the specifications for each commodity are listed in the bill of sale and verified during the bill of sale review.

  • Cost of the items

    Before the sale, both parties agree on a fixed price for the commodity. This is often finalized during the initial discussions and negotiation rounds. When the lawyer conducts a bill of sale review, they ensure that the same decided cost is mentioned within the final document. Any changes must be made before signing the bill of sale to avoid complications.

  • Methods of Payment

    During the negotiation rounds, both parties also discuss the methods of payment. For example, parties often discuss the percentage of the amount paid in cash and the amount transferred from the bank accounts. It also mentions whether the buyer is taking up a loan or paying the whole amount themself.

    In many situations, if both parties know each other, the seller may also let the buyer pay the full amount in parts. But, it is also necessary to state this within the bill of sale to ensure security. During the bill of sale review, a lawyer also checks and verifies these details with the help of statements from financial institutes.

  • Warranty Details

    When a seller sells a product or a property, they often promise a certain quality. They also promise that if there is damage to the working structure, the seller gets it repaired for free. This is known as the warranty.

    When a seller provides warranty services for a particular product, they also mention the number of years or the product warranty period. The type of damage that is covered under warranty is also clearly mentioned.

    A bill of sale is not just a document that verifies the purchase but also a contract where all the terms of the alliance are mentioned. Thus, the details regarding the warranty also must be stated. If the seller refuses to repair the item in the warranty period, the other party can also take legal action against them.

  • Guarantee Details

    When a seller is very sure of the quality of their products, they can also provide the buyer with a guarantee on the product. Therefore, if the product is damaged during the guarantee period, the seller replaces the entire free of cost. If the seller refuses to replace the product, the buyer can file a case against them.

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A bill of sale review is an essential process that lawyers do to verify the document. During the review, they collect all the information of the agreement and rounds of negotiations between both parties.

This document must state all the details accurately. Further, the bill of sale must align with the latest government norms. If there is any error or loophole in the bill of sale, the entire contract shall turn null and void, or you can enter into legal complications. If you are looking for a lawyer to help review your bill of sale, hire the expert team from Contracts Counsel.

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