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A lawyer for human rights drafts necessary legal papers, negotiates complicated settlements and promotes human rights infringement cases in tribunals. In addition, they evaluate legal matters and the court’s decisions and work on protecting the inherited dignity of individuals.

What Does a Lawyer for Human Rights Do?

A lawyer for human rights specializes in human equality, dignity, and civil rights matters. In addition, human rights attorneys work to frame the law, question oppressive conduct, and guarantee that every individual has access to the fundamental rights of safety, privacy, and health. They generally work with marginalized or vulnerable groups, bargaining to provide them with required resources, remove them from dangerous circumstances or get justice from the crime perpetrators.

The function of human rights attorneys is to utilize their knowledge of the law to advocate for clients who have undergone a human rights infringement. And human rights attorneys can specialize in a certain type of human rights issues, including:

  • Freedom of expression
  • Worker's rights
  • LGBT issues
  • Treatment of prisoners
  • Living conditions
  • Racial discrimination
  • Immigration and refugee rights
  • International human rights
  • Domestic abuse

In addition, human rights attorneys are accountable for all obligations related to representing their clients in tribunals, from presenting arguments in front of a magistrate to performing legal research. Some of their most essential tasks comprise:

  • Teaming with aid institutions to find individuals in need of legal human rights support
  • Reading human rights regulations and analyzing similar cases
  • Meeting with people to learn about their problems and requirements
  • Reading about continuing humanitarian emergencies and global human rights matters
  • Drafting legal records to interact with the court
  • Applying for emergency tribunal orders to deliver immediate service to clients in need
  • Contending for financial compensation and other forms of settlements
  • Advising clients of their privileges in different circumstances
  • Consulting on human rights legislation
  • Recording statements from bystanders and preparing material evidence
  • Managing public aid and demonstrations to bring awareness to inequities for their clients

To complete their responsibilities, human rights attorneys may collaborate with other legal professionals, assistants, and paralegals to help with analysis and organizational duties. They entrust tasks to their legal unit and track their progress to guarantee their clients have ongoing entry to legal guidance and meet all tribunal deadlines.

What Do We Mean by Human Rights?

While there are countless definitions of human rights, the simple definition is “a right which is supposed to belong to every individual” to the more detailed description from the United Nations as “privileges inherent to all individuals, regardless of sex, race, nationality, language, ethnicity, religion, or any other status.” Furthermore, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was the primary ‘worldwide’ record of human rights that wasn’t intended to be compulsory. However, it has achieved the position of conventional international law over time.

All the privileges it holds have since been put into lawfully binding accords to which most governments have dedicated themselves. The UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) was enacted in 1948, and the date is not arbitrary. As specified, the answer to the question “why were human rights legislated?” is World War II in a modern setting.

From the Nanking to the Holocaust Massacre and many other atrocities, this war exhibited the wickedness of man and the necessity to codify specific rights to guard individuals against each other. And the American Declaration of the Rights of Man was the primary global record of human rights, surpassing the UDHR by less than a year. In turn, the UDHR declared future human rights accords, like the Arab Charter on Human Rights, enacted in 2004.

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What Is the Importance of Human Rights?

Human rights are essential for two principal reasons — they protect people; and allow them to build prosperous, safe, and generally desirable communities. Human rights entitle people to speak up and share their views with everyone else, especially those in control. They guard individuals from damage or undue load and give them the ability to participate, whether through association, protest, or voting, to shape the world.

They also provide people individual liberty to do the things they want – to be a part of the institutions they want to associate with, to practice the religion of their choice, and the freedom to acquire an education. And collectively, all of these aspects also indicate that human rights allow people to hold governments to account. Not just in electoral processes, but when a government perpetuates atrocities against its own or foreign individuals, human rights regulations provide the lawful ground to hold them accountable.

Key Terms

  • Equity: Fair and impartial procedures, organizations, and techniques ensure all individuals have complete access to power and resources to accomplish their potential and succeed. Equity demands recognizing the effects of systemic discrimination, exclusion, and prejudice and disassembling all obstacles to opportunity, participation, and self-determination.
  • Human rights: Rights intrinsic to all individuals, regardless of residence, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national or ethnic origin, religion, race, language, ability, age, or any other status.
  • Safeguards: Policies, standards, criteria, systems, tools, and operational advice that help guarantee that the design and execution of an initiative minimizes, avoids, or compensates for negative effects.


In a nutshell, human rights regulation consists of problems that are linked to human equality, dignity, and civil rights. And if you are looking for a dependable attorney to handle your human rights matters, our lawyers at ContractsCounsel are there to assist you. All our human rights attorneys are highly qualified and can help protect others and enhance the quality of life for vulnerable individuals.

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