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Prenuptial Agreement


Asked on Mar 21, 2023

How does a prenuptial agreement affect taxes?

As a couple planning to get married, my partner and I are concerned about the tax implications of a prenuptial agreement. We are wondering if entering into a prenuptial agreement will have any impact on our tax obligations or if there are any specific tax considerations that we should be aware of. We are seeking advice from a lawyer who can provide us with guidance on this matter.

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Answered 448 days ago

Briana C.

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A prenuptial agreement does not in itself affect how taxing authorities will treat the spouses. But it can create promises between the spouses toward one another. For example, it may create a promise to file jointly, or specify that they are making no such promise. And it can create a promise by each spouse to pay the other back for any taxes the other pays on his or spouse's behalf. The decision whether to file jointly or separately does have tax implications with taxing authorities.

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