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Professional Services Agreement

New York

Asked on Sep 28, 2021

Cease and Desist

I have received a cease and desisit a few months ago for procticing unlicensed massage. I have never done such. I am a Reiki Master Practitioner which has nothing to do with massage. Unbeknownst to me FL considers this massage!! This is ludacris. Whoever deemed Reiki as massage needs to do research. Now I've been placed into the National Practitioners Data base as a unlicensed massage therapist. I have no desire to practice massage. Please advise on how I can remedy this situation. Gratefully thankful for any direction.

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New York

Answered 354 days ago

Jane C.

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You will have to explain why the state of Florida is involved in this matter? I suggest you write a letter to National Practitioners Database to explain the matter clearly and provide proof of you licensing.

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