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Landlord Tenant

Demand Letter


Asked on Sep 15, 2023

Cost of writing a demand letter?

I am currently in a dispute with a tenant who has failed to pay rent for the past six months. I have tried to resolve the issue with the tenant directly but he has been uncooperative. I am now considering taking legal action and have heard that a demand letter is a good first step. I would like to know the cost of having a lawyer write a demand letter for me.

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Landlord Tenant


Answered 294 days ago

Jeffrey K.

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A demand letter would probable cost between $100 and $150. However, if you have a tenant that is six months behind in rent, you're better off posting a 3 day notice to vacate and evict the tenant and get a paying tenant in the property. If the tenant hasn't paid in the past six months, it's unlikely the tenant will start paying now. You can always sue the tenant after you evict them (or even during the eviction process) but getting them out will allow you to place a paying tenant in your property.

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