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Cease and Desist


Asked on Dec 29, 2021

Cease and Desist Letter Request

Good morning, My question is in regards to writing a Cease and Desist letter. Background information: In 2019, I was left with a bill of approximately $6,000 for a friends Bridal Shower & Wedding related expenses. These expenses were agreed upon by the bridal party to be split between 5 people. On Friday, December 24, upon request from the family of the bride, promises were made to refund the money. On Monday, December 27, the family disputed the fees stating they were not obligated to pay the expenses. I, unfortunately, don't have anything in writing to show that the bridal party agreed to pay as the messages via Instagram were deleted. The bridal party and I had a falling out after the wedding as I was upset that the original agreement wasn't upheld. Since then, the bride has made false allegations about me and made up several stories about me to others to try to deflect from the actual issue. Today: I don't believe I have a leg to stand on regarding the money, however, on Monday, December 27, I, myself, and my mother received harassing phone calls from the family and bridal party with threats and false allegations. I would like to request a Cease and Desist letter, or another form of legal letter to address the harassment and demand that lies about me are no longer told. If there is another route that may be more appropriate, I appreciate any advice. Thank you.

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Answered 206 days ago

T. Phillip B.

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You could use a cease and desist letter which states you will pursue your other legal remedies if they fail to stop. You shouldn't have much of an issue trying to prove the harassment as it has happened to you and if it continues. For the lies being told, you will need to have proof which means those she told will have to testify. If you have damages, you'll have to allege those too with some sort of proof.

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