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Stock Option Agreement

New York

Asked on Jan 19, 2022

ESOP - employee share option plan

Hello! My company provide me a fixed amount ($10,000) of equity within 4 years, with 25% vested after 12 months and said "The options will have a “strike price” which is based on the market value of the Company at the time your options are issued to you." What does it mean? Will i need to pay the different price every year?

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New York

Answered 247 days ago

Michelle F.

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Would really need to see the documents to properly answer this question. Is the value of the equity fixed at $10,000? Typically you get a number of shares that vest (become available to you) over x amount of time. The strike price is the amount you will pay to the company to exercise the option. (Disclaimer: This is not legal advice.)

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