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Contract Agreement


Asked on Jul 29, 2021

Should I sign a contract if I don't understand what it is saying?

Has a contract with someone where if we disagreed we would go to mediation. They refused to go, they offered us a settlement as long as we signed another contract. I don't understand fully what it is saying.

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Answered 354 days ago

Donya G.

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Absolutely NOT. You never sign ANYTHING you do not understand because when you sign, you become bound to those terms whether you understood them or not or whether you agree with them or not. Should you later have a disagreement on the contract you signed, the court, or arbitrator will see your signature on the document as a sign that you read, understood and agreed to the terms. You will need to hire an attorney to review the initial agreement to see if they can refuse mediation as well as to look at the new contract and let you know what it says and whether you should sign it or not. I am a contracts attorney and if you you would like my services, you can contact me on the contracts counsel website.

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