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Asked on Feb 18, 2022

What happens when a mortgaged house was built on the wrong land?

We have 4 total lots, two in my fathers name and the other two in my grandfather’s name. The builder built my fathers house on my grandfather’s land. I wasn’t aware of this years ago until My father passed away. Who or How do we fix this problem?

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Answered 210 days ago

Meghan T.

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Hello. There are multiple solutions to this problem. The simplest solution would be for your grandfather (or whoever the current owner is) to deed the property over to your father's heirs. They could also switch parcels of land. Depending on how long ago the home was built, the owner of the house could potentially have a right to the property via an adverse possession. Feel free to contact me to discuss this matter in more detail. - Meghan Thomas, Esq.

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