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Estate Planning

Power of Attorney


Asked on Mar 25, 2022

I am my brother's payee I am planning on moving another state my brother has had two aneurysms do I need power of attorney to move him to another state

My mom just died in 2020 February she was controlling the household I was living in Wisconsin when my mother died I was the only son capable taking care of things financially and mentally my oldest brother have had two aneurysms when my mom died I had to take care of my oldest brother and my youngest brother which he died the same day as my mom and my dad since then my oldest brother has lost his eyesight and he can't remember a lot of things I just want to know I am new to this do I need power of attorney to move my brother to another state

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Estate Planning


Answered 195 days ago

T. Phillip B.

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You don't necessarily need a POA to move him to another state if he is agreeing to move. But at some point you'll need a POA (if he has the capacity to sign one) or to become his guardian.

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