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Business Contracts

Business Contract


Asked on Dec 5, 2021

Do I need a user agreement for my business?

I’ve recently started my business which is a web-based sentimental message delivery company. Essentially my business allows people to upload written, Audio, and video files to my website (data warehouse is managed through Amazon Web Services), for these messages to be delivered to their intended recipients at a later date in the future or after they pass away. I intended to manage the post-life part by asking the customers to submit their DOB, full name, and most recent address, as we plan to run regular scans against the SSA’s death master. I realize that this is personal information, that may fall under HIPAA penalties. My Amazon expert recommended a user agreement so I’ve been reading up on them, and I just want to confirm this is the appropriate approach. Please advise and let me know what the rate for this user agreement would be through your services. My website is below. Here’s the website:

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Business Contracts


Answered 281 days ago

Jane C.

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